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For over three decades, Brian Talbot has been a versatile working actor, appearing in film, television, commercials, corporate media, video games, audio books, telephone systems, and even on stage. 


Born in Chicago, his Midwestern roots and his family keep him well grounded. He has been performing his whole life, starting with talent shows and school plays. Studying theater in high school and college, along with radio and television, he spent time learning the business from both the talent and the production sides. 

After school, Brian worked in the production communities in both Los Angeles and New York City, developing behind the scenes skills while continuing to work on his performance abilities. Brian started doing commercial work in the late '80s, with thousands of credits, to date. He appears occasionally on stage, as well .

Brian has turned his experience toward screen acting in film and television, playing a wide range of roles that include the underdog leading man, colorful comedic characters, and the dark, sometimes menacing side of the human psyche. 

Brian Talbot is the guy you can count on to get the job done.

From writing, directing, production and coaching, Brian brings years of professional experience to your project. He really is the guy you can count on to get the job done. 


db Talent

10606 Londonshire Ln
Austin TX 78739





1267 Seven Lakes North 

119 Overlook Dr

West End, NC  27376


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